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- Metal Coating Inks:
Clear vinyl system used for sizing or finishing varnish.
Epocoat Clear epoxy system used for sizing or finishing varnish.
Alcoat Clear alkyd finishing varnish for 3-piece cans.
Acrycoat Clear or pigmented acrylic based coating for 3-piece cans.
Epi-phenocoat Epoxy-phenolic system for internal or external coatings. These can be clear or aluminized.
Polycoat Pigmented polyester based coating for metal caps.
Organosol Lacquers Clear or aluminized hi-solids vinyl system for PVC lined crowns & metal caps.
PVC-Free Lacquers Clear or aluminized modified epoxy system for non-PVC lined crowns & metal caps.

- Metal Decorating Inks: for metal decoration on all types of external coating for cans. These are available in various colors.
2-Piece Metal Decorating Ink for all Aluminium cans
3-Piece Thermal Cure Decorating Ink for all Beverage cans
3-Piece UV Cure Decorating Ink for all Beverage cans

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