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Careers Opportunity

Why choosing SAKATA INX?

Under the corporate philosophy of “Mind within the Mind,” we position human resources as the source for sustainable growth and creating medium and long-term values to realize a sustainable society
We respect the personality, individuality and diversity of our employees. We will work to enhance the workplace environment so that employees can be autonomous, can take on challenges, be satisfied and have pride in their work.

As employee development is the foundation for the sustainable growth of the company, at SAKATA INX Viet Nam, we:

1. Respect diversified personalities and abilities and realize an organizational climate that human resources with challenging spirit can perform to the best

2. Respect diverse lifestyles of our employees.

3. Will provide fair and equal educational training opportunities

4. Support career development and capacity building

5. Value autonomy and the challenging spirit of our employees

6. Put importance on safety, physical and mental health of our employees

Our welfare policy:

  • Competitive salary and annual salary increments.
  • Working during regular business hours from Monday to Saturday, from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.
  • Participation in Social Insurance (SI), Health Insurance (HI), and Unemployment Insurance (UI) according to the current regulations of Vietnamese Labor Law.
  • Provision of personal protective equipment and ensuring a safe working environment.
  • Training programs such as Occupational Health and Safety Training, Technical Training, etc.
  • Eligibility for company-sponsored annual travel.
  • Involvement in company-organized social and environmental activities.
  • Employee welfare policy including care for personal celebrations and well-being.
  • Other welfare policies as per legal regulations.

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