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Grasp market needs and market trends

We accurately grasp market needs and market trends, cooperate with the sales department, listen directly to customer requests, and provide product development, improvement, and technical support. In addition, as customers become more environmentally conscious, we collaborate with bases not only in Japan but also in other countries to conduct market research and product development.

Contribute to enhancing lifestyles and fostering sustainability SAKATA INX VIETNAM leverages its distinctive technologies in the creation of eco-friendly printing inks and functional coating materials. These innovations are grounded in SAKATA INX Groups' fundamental expertise encompassing Resin Synthesis, Dispersion & Processing, and Printing & Coating Evaluation technologies.

Our ongoing dedication involves the continual development of products tailored to the specific requests of global companies while simultaneously addressing local needs. Additionally, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge technologies and unwavering support to our customers.